OYATSUPAN Bakers Sweet, Savory, and Delicious!

 Traditional Japanese and Western Baking


What’s on the menu?

We have a vast selection of sweet and savory baked goods for a quick bite, or a lunchtime meal. Our selections are baked fresh daily. Check out our menu to find the perfect pastries for your taste.

Stay Updated

You can stay updated with OYATSUPAN Bakers! We update our Blog regularly. Learn more about Japanese baking, OYATSUPAN, and what we offer on the Blog! We’ll see you there.

Who is Oyatsupan?

Located in Beaverton, Oregon,our bakery is comprised of traditional Japanese baked pastries and pan. Learn more about the Baker, Hiro Horie, and who we are…

From Our Oven to Your Table

ENJOY our fillings: Custard cream, Chocolate custard cream, Matcha custard cream, Apple preserve, Diplomat cream, and Japanese style curry, etc. All custard creams are house made using as much local ingredients as possible. Red bean paste are Imuraya’s, made in Irvine, CA.