At Beaverton’s Oyatsupan Bakers, experience translates to smaller scale

For most of his life, Hiro Horie was an organization man. He spent 25 years working the Japanese baking giant Pasco, starting on the English muffin line and eventually running the company’s American wholesale operations in Los Angeles and, later, Portland. So it took a lot for the soft-spoken baker to leave the corporate fold two years ago and open his own shop.

“That was a hard call,” Horie says. “It’s starting from completely zero. You have to do everything. We’re still kind of struggling with that.”

The fruit of his labor opened on Walker Road in Beaverton this May: Oyatsupan, an airy bakery and cafe that serves the Japanese breads, pastries and sandwiches that Horie, who first left Japan to attend the American Institute of Baking in Kansas in 1992, had been unable to find during his dozen years working and living on the West Coast…Read More