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OYATSUPAN, opening in May of 2016, brought traditional Japanese baking to Beaverton, Oregon. O YA TSU PAN is a mash-up of two Japan…ese words “OYATSU” meaning snack, and “PAN”, meaning bread or sweet roll. This authentic quality Japanese and Western scratch bakery is located in Beaverton, Oregon. The owner, Hiro Horie, prides the bakery on the difference between his deliciously baked breads and the every day store bought breads. “It’s got a really soft mouthfeel,” he says. “I love it. I want people to know the difference between mass production bread and the way we make the bread. It has no preservatives. It has a shelf life of four to five days. We always make it two times a day.” It’s a guaranteed delight, come give it a taste today!

OYATSUPAN Delights Sweet and Savory


With delicacies for a quick snack or a lunchtime meal, you can discover pastries and pans both sweet and savory. From divine cream puffs, brioche, matcha shortbread and curry-filled donuts to a pork tonkatsu sandwich, curry soup, or the OYATSUPAN Dog (a hot dog with stone ground mustard baked into a savory pastry) there is something to make everyone’s taste buds jump for joy.

MeetThe Ownerx

Hiro Horie

The Baker Behind the Magic Hiro Horie, the Owner and Executive Baker at OYATSUPAN spent 25 years baking for Japanese corporate baking company, Pasco before breaking out on his own to start OYATSUPAN Bakers in Beaverton, Oregon. Hiro has mastered the culinary expertise to make wonderful sweet and savory traditional Japanese pastries and pans. Come in, shake his hand, and enjoy a delicious pastry!